Triumph of Civic Virtue

Links maintains a singular focus on the statue in order to avert its decommission and see that it receives funding for its repair. Those individuals and organizations who have assisted this endeavor are mentioned here out of appreciation. however, is an independent organization and is not responsible for the content on external websites. The extent of out endorsement is the description next to each link.

Jon Torodash – City Council 2013
Jon Torodash, one of’s directors, is running for City Council in district 29. He is currently at the forefront of the effort to uncover what transpired between DCAS and Greenwood cemetery in the furtive planning that led to the removal of the statue. If you have any information pertaining to the issues surrounding the statue, he has pledged to use it in the efforts to have it replaced to its long-time Kew Gardens home.

Queens Community Board 9
Community Board 9, which serves Kew Gardens, Woodhaven, Ozone Park, and Richmond Hill, has unanimously voted to make the preservation of the statue on its current grounds a priority. We encourage residents of the aforementioned neighborhoods to become actively involved with the Community Board.

Fine Arts Federation of New York
The Fine Arts Federation of New York has actively lobbied the DCAS and Parks Department in the past to request help in allocating funds to preserve the statue, and sought to collect the money under a non-profit arm. Their efforts have unfortunately not met with much success, but we support their general aim of art awareness and appreciation within New York.

Richmond Hill Historical Society
The Richmond Hill Historical Society seeks historic neighborhood status for surrounding areas. While they do not cover Kew Gardens directly, their activities promote public awareness of the culture and history of Queens, which aids our cause.

Councilman Peter F. Vallone Jr.
New York City Council member Peter Vallone has been the statue’s most ardent defender who holds public office. As stated elsewhere on the site, is a citizen-run website that will not endorse any particular elected official or political party, but it does applaud Mr. Vallone’s commitment to this particular issue.